I’m originally from the north east of England which makes understanding life here in the south west of France a challenge. Fortunately, I quite like a challenge as long as it isn’t too hard. The basic idea here is to share any insight that I might have. If it is useful or funny or both then job done.

I was delighted to discover that although the Gers has a reputation as the Tuscany of France people here love chips. Not the fish and chips of home but chips cooked in duck fat which are often served alongside duck, although steak or suasages, preferrably merguez in my book, are OK too.

Anyway, that is where the title of my blog comes from. Whether I’m driving around in my Beetle admiring crumbling ruins and faded signs, searching for records, trying to buy a house, going to football or taking the kids for a day out in Toulouse we usually end up eating some duck fat chips. Even my vegan daughter loves them.

Last thing. I’m hopeless at social media and have no friends on Facebook, Twitter or anything similar. If you do have online friends and you enjoy duck fat chips please share it with them. If I get enough followers I’ll be able to sell advertising and buy more chips.


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